Under Floor Insulation


Introducing Sealection 500TM

Sealection 500TM spray foam is a revolutionary insulation that is sprayed directly onto the underneath of timber floors. The insulation is made up of millions of microscopic cells that simultaneously insulates while providing an air-seal eliminating draughts. Sealection 500TM is applied as a liquid which expands into a foam, curing in just seconds - creating a 100mm (approx) insulation barrier.


Enjoy Greater Comfor, save money & help the environment

  • Save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs*
  • Keep your home warmer in winter & cooler in summer
  • Achieve R value of 2.4 when applied underneath timber floors!
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions

A home with timber floors when insulated with Sealection 500TM is substantially warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Energy bills become cheaper, because air leakage and floor surface exposure can contribute to a loss of 30% efficiency or more. Sealection 500TM will not only reduce household energy consumption, and save you money - but will also reduce carbon emissions to help improve our environment.


Stops Draughts & air Leakage

In one simple application, Sealection 500TM seals and insulates, providing a superior thermal insulation barrier. It completely fills cracks and cavities forming a continuous air barrier that adheres to the underfloor and building components thus, eliminating draughts while providing amazing insulating performance.


Long Lasting

Once installed, Sealection 500TM spray foam does not shrink, settle or disintegrate. Unlike most conventional insulation materials, it maintains its efficiency with no loss of R-Value over the life of the building.


Feel the difference under your foot... See the difference on your energy bills!


Professionally Installed

Sealection 500TM is only installed by a fully qualified and licensed Insulfoam Solutions professional. The average home takes around 1 day to complete and your house is completely safe to inhabit while installation is occurring.