Testimonial Letter

Melbourne Sunday Age Article



Just emailing you to thank you greatly for the floor insulation. We have noticed a great difference. One very happy family this winter that’s for sure. Thanks for your hard work, very much appreciated.

Rebecca, Katunga, May 2012



We loved our house but found that the bedrooms were freezing in winter. I really struggled to find someone...ANYONE who would fit insulation under our house. In fact, with no word of a lie, I called 16 companies. I was pretty much laughed at every time I explained what we wanted done.

But then I called company number 17 and spoke to Thomas Cookson. He understood immediately what we wanted. We had been told we would probably pay up to $3000 for such a job. We paid $1800. 

In summing up, we have been very happy with the results. We immediately noticed that the air in the bedrooms was much less damp and warmer. We have also seen a DRAMATIC decrease in the amount of mould that used to grow in the bedrooms.

We would recommend Easyfoam and Thomas in a heartbeat. Seriously, he did a thorough and professional job, at a good price, with a non-toxic product, with great benefits for our home and wallet. We're telling everyone we can about it!

Stephen and Elizabeth from NSW, June 2011



Spraying the ceiling of the Gallery has made a huge difference in our thermal control.

Greg - Theatre Coordinator from Alice Springs Cultural Precinct Gallery NT



Spraying the underside of the floor has given us large power savings on heating costs. Excellent result!

Geoff - Owner from Hahndorf, South Australia



I had 300sq metres sprayed underfloor. A huge difference. Has warmed all the floor. The difference in acoustics is amazing.

Sandro - Owner from Gawler, South Australia



Insulated Underfloor, Under roof and walls of extension.
When you sit in the new room, the acoustics is that good it gives you a eerie feeling. We are close to the freeway and we cannot hear the traffic

Henry - Owner from Sheidow Park, South Australia



Since installing Sealection 500 spray foam to the underside of our timber floor, we have downsized our heating appliances from three units to one, The climate ambience difference is hard to describe! Our children now enjoy playing on the floor in bare feet. The cold and draughts are gone!'

David & Paula from Woodend



We built a new home and insulated with Sealection 500 spray foam and shifted in prior to having our air conditioner installed. We insulated the walls, roofline and under the timber first floor. It was amazing on hot days, the temperature outside was in the high 30c's and indoors it was about 18 - 20c. And this was before we installed the air-conditioning unit! We were able to downsize the unit and saved money on the purchase and now on running costs.

We also had several of our internal walls insulated between our bedroom, nursery and the living areas. We should have insulated all the internal walls!. The insulated rooms are soooo quiet.

Andrew & Cindy from Eltham



Having recently completed the construction of a portable lakeside cabin with a sauna, I must tell you how thrilled I am that I chose Sealection 500 for my insulation needs!.

After researching the various insulation options available, Sealection 500 was the obvious standout product.

Even through the incredibly exteme weather conditions that we have experienced this summer, the cabin has remained very comfortable.

An added bonus has been the dramatic reduction in expansion and retraction noise (ie.creaking) due to the extra rigidity gained by installing Sealection.

Eero from Kilmore, VIC