What is Sealection 500TM?

Sealection 500TM is a revolutionary, open cell, semi-rigid spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation system which is made up of millions of microscopic cells that simultaneously insulates and provides an air-seal in wall, floor and ceiling cavities. Sealection 500TM is applied by a licensed Insulfoam Solutions professional as a liquid which expands into a foam, curing in just seconds.


Sealection 500TM has been specifically designed to make homes more energy efficient, comfortable, quiet and less dusty. Air leakage is minimised throughout the building envelope reducing energy loss. Additional benefits include: ease of installation, elimination of moisture problems and greater architectural design freedom.


Now just one product insulates, air-seals, attenuates sound, provides superior thermal efficiency, energy savings and is eco-friendly.


R - Value: The Real Story

The greatest benefits of Sealection 500TM are in its thermal resistance performance and low air leakage.


Most traditional, factory made insulation materials suffer a reduction in actual performance due to poor installation leaving spaces or gaps between building materials and the insulation. As a result, the true insulating value (R-value) of a wall, ceiling or floor may be reduced. By contrast, the insulation value of a wall, ceiling or floor containing custom installed Sealection 500TM performs as close to the laboratory tested R-value of the material possible, plus the added benefit of sealing a cavity from air filtration as well.


Sealection 500TM is custom installed and expands after spraying, completely filling any cavity to form a continuous air barrier by adhering to building materials. These superior performance characteristics are difficult to achieve with batts, boards and blown fibre / wool insulation.


Think about it: every gap or void left between building components with normal insulation has a R-value of nearly zero. That’s not a problem with a house insulated with Sealection 500TM - for maximum insulation performance and thermal efficiency, noise reduction and a complete draught / air seal. Simply, Sealection 500TM rates - While dramatically reducing energy cost, year after year.


Steel Frame Construction

As an expandable spray foam, Sealection 500TM is the easiest to install of all insulation materials and the most perfect fill for steel frame buildings. It helps to create a healthy environment. It reduces maintenance costs by eliminating air infiltrated moisture problems while dramatically lowering the size and operating costs of HVAC equipment. “Steel It, Foam It and Forget It”


Beware of cheap, inferior imitations.  Sealection 500 is Australia's only fully accredited spray foam insulation product