Thermal Insulation + Air Barrier

Sealection 500TM spray foam seals and insulates in one application. As well as a superior thermal insulation R-value, Sealection 500TM completely fills any cavity and forms a continuous air barrier by adhering to all building materials it comes into contact with. Air leakage in a building can contribute up to 25% of household energy bills.


Long Lasting

Once installed, Sealection 500TM spray foam does not shrink, settle or disintegrate. Unlike most conventional insulation materials, it maintains its efficiency with no loss of R-Value over the life of the building. Most importantly, it does not cause corrosion or rusting of steel buildings.


Noise Reduction

Sealection 500TM spray foam is an effective barrier to airborne sound. It’s superior fit makes it an ideal noise reduction system, reducing airborne sound transfer through roof, floor and walls including home theatres. Outside noise such as road traffic, planes, and trains stay outside.


Architectural Freedom

By filling every crevice, Sealection 500TM offers greater architectural freedom in building design. It solves insulation, sound and air infiltrated moisture problems in buildings, while offering solutions for complex insulation applications for residential, industrial and commercial projects especially important for steel framed buildings.


Indoor Air Quality

Sealection 500TM seals the building envelope against airborne pollutants. By sealing out dust, allergens, odours and pollutants, Sealection 500TM allows the air management system to be designed so that the indoor air quality is healthier than the outside air. A Sealection 500TM insulated environment is highly recommended for those suffering from allergies, respiratory problems and chemical sensitivities.


Return On Investment

By reducing air leakage in a building to an absolute minimum & providing superior insulation qualities, the size and cost of heating and cooling equipment can be lowered. Energy savings can be reduced as high as 40% when compared with conventionally insulated buildings. High energy bills, could be a thing of the past!